HLA Epitope Report (source code)

This report uses epitopes defined in the HLA Epitope Registry.

This version of the report does not use picklists to select alleles. A picklist version of this report is also available.

The IMGT allele database version is ... and the single antigen bead (SAB) reagent lot number is . The session ID is ....

This report is for research use only.

locus group:

recipient antibodies (separate allele names by commas):*

recipient HLA type (separate allele names by commas):

+ = The single antigen bead (SAB) includes this epitope and the SAB is positive.
0 = The SAB includes this epitope, but the SAB is negative (if the antibody was reactive with this epitope, the SAB would have been positive).
? = The SAB includes this epitope and the allele is included in the HLA Epitope Registry panel, but this SAB is not part of the SAB panel that is currently being used by this service (so the antibody may or may not be reactive with this epitope). Future versions of this service will allow clients to define their own SAB panels.*

Press Generate Report when you are ready to view the report.

*This application is currently using SAB alleles contained in the following four (4) panels:

1. LABScreen Single Antigen HLA Class I - Combi (various lots) [LS1A04]
2. LABScreen Single Antigen HLA Class I Supplement (various lots) [LS1ASP01]
3. LABScreen Single Antigen HLA Class II - Group 1 (various lots) [LS2A01]
4. LABScreen Single Antigen HLA Class II Supplement (various lots) [LS2ASP01]

The supplemental panel alleles may not be used, depending on which reagent lot is selected.

Allele names with a gray background are not in the HLA Epitope Registry's list of alleles in commonly used Luminex panels (although they are in our panels).

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