HLA-DPB1 Allele Difference Report (source code)

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The reference allele for hypervariable region matching is highlighted in yellow. This report only shows the longest protein sequence allele number for synonymous alleles. Select a reference allele from the list or click on a row to set that allele as the reference allele. By default, this report only shows alleles where there are at least 4 hypervariable region matches to the reference allele, but you may toggle this filter on and off.

The IMGT allele database version is ... and the single antigen bead (SAB) reagent lot number is . The session ID is ... (reset session).

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  protein sequence (aligned to HLA-DPB1*01:01 codons 1-100)
allele name SAB MFI matches a b c d e f g   1         11         21         31         41         51         61         71         81         91         
[]   [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []                                                                                                       

This application is currently using SAB alleles contained in the following two (2) panels:

1. LABScreen Single Antigen HLA Class II - Group 1 (various lots) [LS2A01]
2. LABScreen Single Antigen HLA Class II Supplement (various lots) [LS2ASP01]

The supplemental panel alleles may not be used, depending on which reagent lot is selected.

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